Meet the Boss

Hi Beautiful! Hi Handsome!
My name is Rebecca. I am a wife and a mother of two sons. I live in Dallas, Texas, but am originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. Geaux Saints!!!
I am a naturalista, who is obsessed with hair health and helping others feel beautiful in themselves!
I started my natural hair journey, like most women, scared! I knew it was something I wanted to do, but feared cutting all my hair off and starting over.
I was worried how I would look with very short hair, how my husband would react, and how others would respond. I decided instead to transition back to natural.
I wore my permed hair, while letting my natural texture grow out for about one year, before I did the big chop. I can honestly say today, I am happy with that decision, because it allowed me to experience what so many women chose to do as well. From this, I gained the knowledge in that experience, how to properly care for natural hair in the transitioning process.
Once I completed my big chop, my hair was long enough to pin-up in a mohawk. It was super cute! Some people freaked out about my cutting all my hair off, but they came around! To me, this was the hardest phase of my natural hair journey, because my length did not allow for many style options and because of that, everything I did or didn't do to my hair was that much more noticeable; if it was dry, if it wasn't detangled, or even if it was could tell almost immediately.
What was even more frustrating than styling, was finding the right products! OMG, I must have tried every product referred to me, samples being given out, everything people mentioned on YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest, but still I could not find what worked best for me.
This is when Natural Hair Boss was born. I made the decision to stop wasting my money on products that just didn't work well for me, and invest that money instead, into the materials needed to make my own products. I did research and tested countless recipes on my own hair, before finally finding my hair-mate!!!
I offered samples to other naturals, chemically treated, and transitioning ladies, as well as men, for feedback and critique.
Praise God my products worked well for others and they actually loved them! I thought why not offer everyone another option to what's on the market. So, my homemade products that are 100% vegan and cruelty free, created with 100% natural, raw, unrefined, cold pressed, organic, and simple ingredients (which are paraben, alcohol, dye, chemical, mineral oil, and sulfate free) are now available to you! And they're super affordable!!!
  What made me fall even more in love with the Natural Hair Boss line is the results I witnessed not only with my own hair, but my sons' and cousin's hair, and my husband's beard as well. Both of my boys had developed this balding area on the back of their heads from laying on their backs so much, as babies; my products aided in the regrowth of their hair. My cousin lost all her hair to chemo, so I felt grateful God allowed me an opportunity to provide her products that helped her with regrowth! My husband wanted to grow a full beard and it wasn't thick or full, until he started using my product line that is!
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